Does Le Creuset Work On Induction Hob?

Does Le Creuset Work On Induction? Yes, Le-Creuset works on the induction and electric stovetop without getting scratched. Because Le-Creuset has a ferrous metal base suitable for induction cooking, all the Le-Creuset’s Non-Stick cookware, Enameled Cast Iron cookware, and Stainless Steel cookware work fine on the induction stove. 

Does Le Creuset Work on Induction Hob

Le Creuset is a famous brand known for its high-quality cookware. One question often arises is whether Le Creuset products are compatible with induction stovetops. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the compatibility of Le Creuset cookware with induction hobs and provide detailed information on the subject.

The Basics of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is a modern and energy-efficient method using magnetic fields to heat the cookware directly.

This technology requires magnetic materials such as cast iron or stainless steel cookware. Cast iron is a good conductor of heat and is perfect for induction cooking.

 Non-magnetic materials like aluminum or copper will not work on an induction hob.

Advantages of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking offers several benefits, including:

  1. Faster cooking times: Induction hobs can heat cookware faster than traditional electric cooktops or gas stoves. 
  2. Energy efficiency: Induction cooking is more energy-efficient, as it directly heats the cookware, minimizing heat loss.
  3. Precise temperature control: Induction hobs offer better control, allowing for more precise cooking.
  4. Safety: Induction cooktops remain cooler to the touch, reducing the risk of burns.

So does Le Creuset work on Induction Hob?

Le Creuset offers a wide range of cookware, including cast iron, stainless steel, and non-stick options. The good news is that most Le Creuset cookware is induction compatible. Induction heating is an advanced method that heats cookware using magnetic induction rather than direct heat.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware

Le Creuset is best known for its enameled cast iron pans, which are highly regarded for their durability, heat retention, and even heat distribution. Cast iron is inherently magnetic, making it an ideal material for induction cooking. Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron products, including their famous Dutch ovens, skillets, and grill pans, are compatible with induction hobs.

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Cookware

Le Creuset’s stainless steel cookware line is also compatible with induction hobs. These products feature a tri-ply construction with an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. The outer layer of stainless steel is magnetic, ensuring these products work well with induction cooktops.

Le Creuset Non-Stick Cookware

Le Creuset offers a range of non-stick cookware, including frying pans and saucepans. Most of these products are compatible with induction hobs, as they have a stainless steel base that makes them suitable for induction cooking. However, it is essential to check the specific product information to ensure compatibility. Learn more recipes on the official website Le Creuset.

Caring for Your Le Creuset Cookware on Induction Hobs

To ensure the longevity and performance of your Le Creuset cookware, follow these tips when using them on induction hobs:

  1. Use the correct cookware size: Match the size of your cookware to the size of the induction hob’s cooking zone for optimal heat distribution.
  2. Avoid dragging cookware: Dragging cookware across the induction hob may scratch the surface. Lift and place your cookware gently to prevent damage.
  3. Follow cleaning instructions: Clean your Le Creuset cookware according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain its appearance and performance.

How to protect Inductionfrom scratching

Using parchment paper is a simple and effective way to prevent scratches on induction cooktops caused by cookware with rough bottoms like Le Creuset. 

You need to cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the size of the cookware’s bottom and place it between the cookware and the cooktop. 

The parchment paper acts as a buffer, preventing scratches caused by direct contact between the cookware’s rough bottom and the cooktop’s glass surface.

Top 4 Induction Tips

  • Make sure the size is correct. The hob should not be bigger than the Le Creuset pan as this would reduce the heating performance or simply not work.
  • Place the Le Creuset pan carefully on the hob and always lift it on and off to prevent scratches on the induction
  • Allow the hob and pan to heat together, do it slowly
  • We recommend you cook over low to medium heat as all Le Creuset cookware is designed to heat evenly and effectively

Le Creuset Care & Use


Does le creuset kettle work on induction

Yes, Le Creuset kettles are induction safe and work fine on the induction hob. They are made with a particular material that allows them to generate a magnetic field required for induction cooking. Magnetic energy from the hob is transferred to the kettle, making heat possible.
I use a Le Creuset kettle on my induction cooktop, which works perfectly. Induction technology is truly unique. It heats up quickly and evenly, and the whistle lets me know when the water has come to a boil. Plus, it looks beautiful sitting on my cooktop, adding a touch of elegance to my kitchen.

Why is my Le Creuset sticking?

If your Le Creuset is sticking, it’s likely due to one of two reasons: the pan is not properly seasoned, or the heat is too high.
Firstly, make sure that your Le Creuset is well-seasoned before use. This means you should apply a thin layer of oil to the cooking surface and heat the pan over low to medium heat for a few minutes before cooking. This will create a natural non-stick surface and help prevent food from sticking.
Secondly, make sure that the heat is not too high. Le Creuset cookware is designed to distribute heat evenly, so you don’t need to use high heat to cook your food.
Using high heat can cause food to stick to the pan and burn. Instead, use low to medium heat and give the pan time to preheat before adding your food.

Ls Le Creuset real cast iron?

Yes, Le Creuset cookware is made of natural cast iron. Le Creuset is an excellent investment for high-quality cast iron cookware.

Is Le Creuset better than other cast iron?

Yes, Le Creuset is better than other cast iron brands. Le Creuset cookware comes in a wide range of colors and styles, which makes it a popular choice for both function and aesthetic appeal. But it is also essential to research and compares different brands to find the one that best meets your needs and budget.


In conclusion, most Le Creuset cookware is compatible with induction hobs, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of induction cooking with high-quality cookware. Whether you have enameled cast iron, stainless steel, or non-stick cookware, Le Creuset has options that work well with induction cooktops. Ensure that your Le Creuset cookware follows proper care and usage guidelines.

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