7-Day Testing Electric Spin Scrubber For Dishwashing

Recently, I decided to do an experiment related to washing dishes. So I tested the Electric Spin Scrubber for dishwashing.

Are you interested in the reason why I did it? Like any modern person, I am tired of seeing a pile of dirty dishes in my kitchen sink. After a working day, I go into the kitchen and look at the dirty plates, pots, and pans, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time washing them. I wanna be on the sofa and rest, but not do additional work at home! And this is a commonplace that everyone on this planet faces. The exception is people who have a maid or a dishwasher, and they don’t have to worry about dirty dishes.

In short, then I started looking for an innovative and safe way to improve and speed up the washing of dishes in my kitchen.

Of course, I started searching on the Internet to save time and not go shopping. I read a lot of product reviews and reviewed what the manufacturers wrote, it turned out that there are an incredible number of gadgets for washing dishes, in addition to the usual sponge for dishes. Ha ha I like how modern technology is developing! I saw that depending on the type of configuration, characteristics, you can find cheaper and more expensive options. My advice is to buy something that will be comfortable for your wallet. If you buy something expensive and it doesn’t work, it won’t make your life any easier.

After spending about an hour on the Internet, I finally found something that interested me – Electric Spin Scrubber for dishwashing. The question remains, will a regular dishwashing sponge really do any worse than the Electric Spin Scrubber? Is it worth spending money on such an electronic “assistant”?

Will the result exceed my expectations? I wanted to start testing the Electric Spin Scrubber for dishwashing as soon as possible!

Electric Spin Scrubber for dishwashing: what was in the box

• Electric cleaning brush MA2304-19

• Nozzle 1 – soft sponge

• Nozzle 2 – polishing sponge

• A hook for storing the device (as a buyer, I was pleased that the manufacturer even thought of this) I will note this as a nice little thing!

After reading the instructions, I realized that the electric brush is charged from a USB connector, hmm, quite convenient!

It was easy for me to understand all the technical nuances, so I think even a beginner will understand everything well enough. I immediately tried to disconnect the interchangeable brushe, changing the nozzles, it was also easy, without additional effort and skills.

What was I afraid of when testing the Electric Spin Scrubber?

The reason for my concern was how an electric jet could interact with water???

Especially the “Start” button, which I will press with wet hands! And of course, when washing a plate, for example, water will splash and also fall on the surface of the Electric Spin Scrubber

The instructions I read helped to overcome my fear, everything is very banal. The button is moisture-proof, as is the body, so it allows cleaning by completely immersing the brush in water or under a stream of water.


Day 1:

I started my week-long dishwashing experiment with the regular sponge. It’s what I’ve always used, so I felt comfortable with it. As I began scrubbing away my frying pan, I realized that it was necessary before to fill it with water, so that the stuck fat softened, and then it would be easier for me to handle.

My pan has a non-stick coating, and of course I can’t get a hard sponge to scrape off the dirt. And the soft sponge couldn’t cope with the stuck-on, dried-up remnants of food.

Day 2:

The second day with the regular sponge felt much like the first. My my frying pan still was waiting for me in the kitchen lol. It seemed I struggle with stubborn residues, and I found myself having to go over certain spots multiple times. It wasn’t the most efficient process, but i did it.

Day 3:

By the middle of the week, I was beginning to feel the strain of using the regular sponge. My hands were sore from all the scrubbing, which was frustrating.

Day 4:

Sooo I decided to start Electric Spin Scrubber. I was intrigued by its promises of easier dishwashing, so I decided to give it a try.

So how I started using it:

Add a small amount of detergent to one of the brush heads. Next, I put the brush on the plate (I decided to start with this simple task)

Then, I pressed the “Start” button to make the brush spin.

The spinning bristles made quick work of even the toughest stains, and I was amazed at how effortlessly it cleaned the plate. It was like a breath of fresh air compared to the manual scrubbing I’d been doing all my life!

Day 5:

Using the Electric Spin Scrubber was a game-changer. It cut my dishwashing time in half, and I barely had to exert any effort at all. By the way adjustable speed settings allowed me to tackle different types of dishes with ease, even when washing a dirty plate that has been in the sink all day, and the leftover food on it has dried

I was impressed by how sparkling clean everything looked. It was definitely a step up from the regular sponge.

My hands were wet, but the handle provides comfort and a secure hold on the brush, which was a plus.

Day 6:

As the week drew to a close, I found myself reaching for the Electric Spin Scrubber more and more. Most of all I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to put as much strain on my hands and wrists. The spinning bristles seemed to glide effortlessly, efficiently loosening grime without scratching the coating.

Day 7:

I tested the brush to clean kitchen appliances such as the sink, oven, and stove. Although my cleaning was pretty effective, I noticed that heavily soiled areas took a bit more time.

What i can say after a week of testing both methods, I can say that the Electric Spin Scrubber is the clear winner. While the regular sponge got the job done, it was time-consuming and tiring to use for me. The Electric Spin Scrubber, on the other hand, was efficient, effective, and easy on my hands. From now on, it’s going to be go-to tool for washing dishes on my kitchen.

But you must to know, it cannot completely replace manual cleaning of difficult or heavily soiled areas.

Pros and Сons of the Electric Spin Scrubber


  • this innovative device will simplify your dishwashing (I didn’t have to put as much strain on my hands and wrists)
  • equipped with a powerful motor and rotating scrubbing heads, so it’s good for tackling dirt
  • brush heads suitable for your different tasks
  • this is a cordless device, so it gives you the freedom to move around the kitchen or other rooms


  • can be expensive, depending on what model you choose
  • did not cope with all types of contamination during my testing
  • you need to monitor the charging level of the device. My TIP: look for a model that runs on a single charge for at least 30 minutes


In conclusion of my experiment, I want to say that using the Electric Spin Scrubber to clean the dishes was indeed different from washing dishes in regular way. Its ability to adapt to different surfaces make it a valuable tool for various cleaning tasks around the kitchen. From my expirience – it will be good choice for cleaning tiles, tableware, plates, countertops, tables, corner stains, and more… You can choose the brush head which is convenient for your use.

After reading the pros and cons and the results of my testing, you can choose: to use ordinary sponges for dishes or support the innovative technologies of today. Or use both options?

I wish you inspiration in cleaning your kitchen!

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