Wenzel Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Sizes And Material Explained

Do you want to know more about Wenzel Cast Iron Dutch Oven? Then you are at the right place. Wenzel has a wide range of Dutch ovens, which include everything from small ones for everyday use to large ones for entertaining. These Dutch ovens come in various shapes and sizes, from the classic round shape to oval, square, and even rectangular.

The Wenzel Dutch Ovens are made of solid cast iron and are highly durable. They are designed to withstand the elements and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In the kitchen, a Dutch oven is an essential cooking item. The Wenzel Dutch Oven is perfect for those who want to cook up any dish!

Compatible with all kinds of cooktops, including induction and wood stoves.

This Dutch oven has an enameled finish, and these enameled products are excellent for high-temperature cooking. In addition, it doesn’t react with food and won’t release harmful material. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, and it’s dishwasher safe as well.

Wenzel dutch ovens are an excellent investment for anyone. The thick walls and tight-fitting lid create even, moist heat that’s perfect for roasting, baking, and braising. It is Built with cast iron construction and polished chrome trim; this durable cooker will last generations of use!

Wenzel Cast Iron Dutch Oven: In Details

Wenzel cast iron cookware was very popular because of its durability. Wenzel cast iron cookware is made in China. 

If you need high-quality cast iron cookware, Wenzel is a solution for all your kitchen essentials. This cookware is made of cast iron and the finest materials, including carbon steel, one of the most durable metals available on earth.

They didn’t use any aluminum or other non-stick coatings in their products. This company also manufactures different sizes of Dutch ovens and cast-iron pans.


Where is Wenzel cast iron cookware made?

Wenzel cast iron cookware is made in China. For many years, people have been searching for the perfect cookware.

The Wenzel Company is a Chinese company with over 100 years of experience creating high-quality kitchen products.

They produce high-quality cooking essentials, including pots, pans, griddles, and dutch ovens.

They also have high-quality enameled cast iron cookware. Enamel coating helps make it easy to clean. And Wenzel cast iron cookware didn’t react with acidic foods like aluminum cookware.

This cookware’s popularity is increasing daily because it cooks food evenly on all sides.

The exciting part is that it retains heat well, so your meal will stay warm for a long time.

Is Wenzel cast iron a good brand

Wenzel cast iron cookware is a good brand because they’ve been making cookware since the 1800s. And their quality is almost the same as before. Wenzel cast iron has been around for over 100 years and is still a famous brand.

I know a woman who has used Wenzel cookware for almost 20 years, and the quality didn’t change. It is nearly the same as before. Do you know why? Because that cookware was made of recycled iron. So you may understand how good the cookware is.

While they are not the most expensive, they are made with quality materials that make them worth the price. In addition, the company offers many different products to meet your needs, including casseroles, skillets, Dutch ovens, and more.

Wenzel cast iron can be used in stovetop or oven cookware, making it versatile in every kitchen!

Wenzel cast iron company

Wenzel cast iron company has been making cast iron cookware for kitchens around the country. This company is one of the oldest companies that still manufacture its products.

Wenzel is a 19th-century cast iron cookware manufacturer based in China. Their products include pots, pans, Dutch ovens, skillets, and more.

The best thing about these products is that they’re made of cast iron, an excellent cooking material. Cast iron is a type of metal that’s naturally resistant to heat. That means that it won’t break down or crack under pressure.

You can use cast iron cookware for roasting vegetables to baking bread.

Their success was not overnight but rather a slow and steady climb to where they are today, with over 90 items on offer, from frying pans to waffle makers!

They offer a variety of high-quality kitchen products, such as skillets, Dutch ovens, pots and pans, woks, and more. Their goal is to provide you with the best and most affordable cast iron cookware so that you can enjoy your time in the kitchen!

Wenzel cast iron cookware company at a glance:

Manufacturer Country: China

Material: Cast Iron

Products: Dutch ovens, pots and pans, grill pans, woks, skillets, and other essential cookware.

Wenzel 1887 cast iron cookware

Wenzel company produces many types of cookware every year. Wenzel 1887 is one of them. Wenzel 1887 is a very popular cookware. It seems to be modern and very stylish looking. This is a seven-piece set. This set includes an 11.75″ skillet, a 12″ Duch oven with a cover lid, a Double-sided griddle, a leather glove, Trivet, a Lid lifter rod, etc.

Wenzel 1887 cast iron cookware has many benefits. Cast iron is durable and retains heat evenly. With cast iron cookware, you can easily cook anything from eggs to shrimp on the stovetop or in the oven.

The only downside of Wenzel 1887 is that it’s heavy, but this weight also means that your food will stay hot for a long after it comes off the stovetop. Cast iron does not require seasoning, and there are no toxic chemicals like Teflon. This makes cooking with this style of pot easy and healthy.


Does Wenzel still make cast iron?

Yes, Wenzel still makes cast iron cookware. Wenzel still makes cast-iron cookware, and they are still made in China. This is one of the largest manufacturer brands of cookware. Their traditional cast-iron skillets, dutch ovens, enameled skillets, griddles, and other cooking tools such as drill presses and waffle makers. They also have specialty items like cornbread pans. Their enameled cookware is available in numerous colors, including white, black, red, blue, green, and grey.

Wenzel cast iron reviews

We researched Wenzel cast iron cookware and found some pros and cons. Here is our honest review:

What we like

  • Wenzel cast iron cookware is made from a durable material that will last for years.
  • The finish on the cookware is non-stick and easy to clean up after cooking.
  • The handles are cool, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands while cooking.
  • You can use these pans on any stove – gas or electric – without worrying about damaging them.
  • These cooking pots and pans are great for frying eggs, making soups, sautéing onions, and more!
  • They come in various sizes that will suit your needs in the kitchen.
  • All the cookware has a very affordable price.

What we didn’t like

  • Too heavy.
  • It doesn’t have a nonstick cooking surface.

How can you tell if a cast iron skillet is good?

Few signs make sense that the cast iron skillet is good. However, here is a list that helps you to know if the cast iron cookware is good or bad:

Good Sign

  • A high-quality cast iron skillet holds heat during cooking.
  • Check the weight of the skillet – cast iron skillets are heavier than other types of skillets.
  • Looped handle with silicone handle cover for rust, cracks, and dents.
  • Look closely at the surface to see if there is any flaking or chipping off.
  • If you notice chips in your cast iron skillet, try using a metal file to smooth out rough edges.

Bad Sign

  • If you realize that the food burns too quickly, it is made with inferior materials.

Is Chinese cast iron cookware safe?

Yes, Chinese cast iron cookware is safe and FDA-approved. Chinese cast iron cookware has been used for centuries and is still popular today. It’s heavy, so it won’t slide around on the stove or in the oven as a lighter pan would.

The weight also helps distribute the heat evenly – which means you can turn down the temperature on your range to save energy without sacrificing cooking performance!

Cast iron also holds heat very well. This makes it perfect for searing meat or vegetables before finishing them off with a quick braise in the oven.

The benefits of cast iron are numerous – but what about safety? Don’t worry; this is made of high-quality cast iron and is 100% safe.

This uncoated cast iron cookware is not coated with chemicals or lead. The only thing that comes into contact with food is steel, which is completely inert.

Wenzel cast iron seasoning

Cast iron cookware is a classic in the kitchen, but it can be challenging to maintain. Wenzel has developed a seasoning process that helps make cast iron easier to care for and less prone to rust. Read about the seasoning steps below!

Step 1 – Clean your new cast-iron pan with hot water and dish soap (or other soapy water) before you season it, then dry thoroughly.

Step 2 – Rub cooking oil all over the inside of your new pan (the more coats, the better).

Step 3 – Place the hot pan upside down on a burner set at medium heat for two minutes or until smoke starts coming from the cooking surface. Please turn off the burner and let it cool completely before storing away. Repeat as necessary. That’s it.

Additional seasoning tips

  • Never wash cast iron cookware by hand – always use a sponge or soft brush instead.
  • To clean up spills, rub a paper towel into the pan to absorb excess liquid.
  • Use an aluminum foil ring when baking pieces of bread, cakes, pies, etc.
  • Store your cast iron cookware in a cool, dark place.
  • Do not store your cast iron cookware near the stovetop.
  • Don’t leave your cast iron cookware sitting in direct sunlight.


Wenzel cast iron cookware is made in China. It’s always good to know where your products are coming from, so if you’re looking for a Chinese-made product that will last a lifetime, check out Wenzel!

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