Where Is Chantal Cookware Made?

Where Is Chantal Cookware Made? Chantal is a renowned pot, pans, and kitchenware manufacturer currently produces their cookware in Germany and China and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company is best known for its lovely tea kettles with the two-tone, harmonic whistle.

So where is Chantal Cookware made? Who owns Chantal cookware?

Heida Thurlow is the owner and CEO of Chantal cookware. She founded the company in 1971 after moving to the United States from Germany. Heida has been dedicated to innovation throughout her career while staying true to the brand’s timeless elegance.

What is Chantal cookware made of?

Chantal cookware is made of high-quality materials like enameled cast iron, 3-ply stainless steel, and ceramic nonstick. These materials are durable and will last you many years of cooking. With proper care, your Chantal cookware will continue to look new and perform beautifully.

Is Chantal cookware healthy?

Generally, the consensus is that it is a safe and healthy option. The main reason is that there is no risk of leaching, and the enamel coating makes the cookware more durable.

Many people have different opinions on the best option when it comes to cookware. Some prefer stainless steel because it doesn’t leach any chemicals into food, while others prefer ceramic because it is a natural material.

Chantal cookware is made of enameled cast iron, which means it is coated in a layer of enamel. This enamel layer prevents the iron from contacting food, so leaching is not risky. Additionally, the enamel makes the cookware more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Is Chantal cookware made in China?

Yes, Chantal cookware is made in China. Their cookware is crafted from the highest quality materials and construction methods, ensuring that your cookware will last for years to come.

How do you clean Chantal cookware?

To clean your Chantal cookware, start soaking it in hot, soapy water after use. Then, rinse it off and towel dry. You can also put it in the dishwasher (except for Ceramic coating), but hand washing and drying are recommended for best results.

Does Chantal cookware work on the induction cooktops?

Yes, Chantal made a special type of cookware made of Stainless Steel with Ceramic Non-Stick Coating. This cookware is perfect for gas, electric, and induction stovetops and is also oven safe to 500°f. This makes it the ideal choice for anyone who wants the perfect cooking experience, no matter what type of stovetop they have.

Chantal Cookware Reviews

Chantal has a lot of different collections of cookware and kitchenware. Reviewing them all would be impossible, so in this article, I’ll focus on the best-selling products from Chantal. Let’s get started.

1. Chantal Stainless Steel 3.Clad Tri-Ply Cookware, 10 pc Set

Made from gleaming stainless steel, and features a contemporary Scandinavian flair that will enhance your cooking experience. Whether preparing a simple home-cooked meal or a weekend brunch for friends, this set will add style, functionality, and beauty to your kitchen!

Overview & features

Tri-Ply Stainless Steel construction with a large, heavy gauge stainless steel base and two layers of stainless steel fused to a solid aluminum core, ensuring even heat distribution.

Fusion non-stick coating is long-lasting and non-toxic—beautiful, contemporary cookware design with a Scandinavian flair. Suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction, ceramic, electric, and gas.

Durable glass lids with steam vents and stay-cool handles. Oven safe up to 500 F / 260 C -Limited lifetime warranty.


There are so many benefits of this cookware. Notable benefits of this cookware include:

  • The three layers of stainless steel make it durable and resistant to scratches and scrapes.
  • Fusion Ti Ceramic Non-stick Coating is PFOA-free, non-toxic, and healthy.
  • The aluminum core ensures even heat distribution.
  • This cookware is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.


Some drawbacks of the Chantal Stainless Steel 3. Clad Tri-Ply Cookware includes:

  • The price. At nearly $500, it is one of the most expensive cookware sets on the market.
  • The weight. The set is quite heavy, making it difficult to lift and maneuver.
  • The handles. Some users have complained that the handles get hot during use, making them difficult to grip.

Reviews from customers

Most people were satisfied with it, but some reviewers on Amazon said they found the 5-quart sauteuse warped and that it didn’t sit flat on their induction burner.

Final thoughts

The Final thought of Chantal Stainless Steel 3 Clad Tri-Ply Cookware is that it is an excellent product. It is very well made, and it cooks food evenly. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey.

2. Chantal Induction 21 Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set

Chantal’s induction 21 is designed for the home cook who appreciates the beauty of fine cookware. It’s made from unique Japanese steel; copper is melted directly into the steel, which gives the cookware its strength and durability.

The Induction 21 cookware set has a 4 mm thick aluminum core bonded between two layers of stainless steel. The induction 21 is the ideal cookware set for individuals looking for a healthy product that will cook evenly, requires little or no oil and is easy to clean.

The cookware is also oven safe, with all stoves, including induction and dishwasher safe, and features a sleek design that will look great in any kitchen.

Overview & features

Material21/0 Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass Lid
ColorBrushed Stainless Steel
Size9 pc Set
Handle MaterialStainless Steel


There are so many benefits of this cookware. Notable benefits of this cookware include:

  • The cookware is made of unique Japanese Steel, nickel-free, and copper is melted directly into the steel.
  • Chantal induction cookware is perfect for induction cooking.
  • Oven-safe to 500°F; Glass lids safe to 425°F.
  • Broiler safe to sear; braise or deglaze; Dishwasher Safe; Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • The set includes various pieces that are perfect for all your cooking needs.


  • The cookware is designed for induction cooktops only.
  • The set does not include a lid for the frypan, so you will need to purchase one separately.
  • Make sure to cook at a lower or medium temperature.

Reviews from customers

Some customers at Amazon are really happy with the cookware. They say that the heat conductor and retention rate are excellent. It’s easy to pour, looks great, and is easy to clean with minimal sticking.

Others say that the design is great and that it distributes heat evenly. The large saucepan has worked well with everything they’ve put in it, and the skillet cooks everything perfectly.

Some users have found that without oil, food sticks to the bottom of the pan. The stainless steel layer is very thin, and as a result, it has peeled on both fry pans even though they have always used the proper spatula.

Final thoughts

The Chantal Induction 21 Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set is great for anyone looking for quality cookware that will last. The set includes various pieces that will be great for any kitchen, and the induction feature is a great addition. The set is also dishwasher-safe, so it’s easy to clean. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey and didn’t use at high temperatures. But it’s worth the investment if you’re looking for lasting cookware.

3. Chantal Enameled Cast Iron Cookware, 4 pc Set, Sea Blue

Inspired by the sea, the Sea Blue collection features a new shade of blue. The special enamel coating is baked at high temperatures to ensure a durable and non-stick surface that makes cleaning a cinch.

These pieces can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction, gas, ceramic, electric, and halogen, and each utensil is oven safe.

The enameled coatings are made from a unique formula resistant to acids, salt, and fat. It is safe for use with all foods.


Chantal enameled cast iron cookware is a great choice for anyone who wants the benefits of cast iron without the hassle of seasoning and maintaining it. The enamel coating makes it non-stick and easy to clean and ensures that your food won’t absorb any unwanted flavors or odors. Each piece features a long, ergonomic handle and a helper handle for easy maneuvering. These beautiful cast-iron cookware pieces are oven-safe up to 500F and dishwasher-safe.


There are a few drawbacks to using Chantal enameled cast iron cookware. One is that it can be quite heavy, so it’s not ideal for cooking light, delicate foods.

Another is that it takes longer to heat up than other cookware, so it’s not ideal for quick, weeknight dinners.

However, many people swear by Chantal cookware for its even heat distribution, retention, and classic good looks.

Reviews from customers

Customers love this cookware for its unique colors and designs. They say it’s easy to clean, durable, and a wise investment because the black enamel interior won’t show stains or discoloration over time. The only drawback customers have found is that it is heavy.

Final thoughts

It’s a great investment for anyone who loves to cook. The set is also perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their kitchen. The enameled cast iron is durable and will last for years, making it a wise investment for any home cook. The enamel coating makes it non-stick and easy to clean. The set is also oven-safe, so that you can use it for baking and roasting.

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