6 Ways To Clean Le Creuset Grill Pan

Getting new Le Creuset cookware is a great choice as it is full of awesome features. But how to take care of the Le Creuset grill pan? What are the right cleaning methods for Le Creuset grill pan? What should you do so as not to damage it?

Don’t panic! We are here to equip you with all the tips on how to take proper care of Le Creuset grill pans. It is not rocket science when you know all the dos and don’ts.

clean le creuset grill pan
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How can you clean Le Creuset grill pan?

By nature, Le Creuset grill pans are a type of cast iron grill pans that have a unique enameled or nonstick surface and usually last long.

Le Creuset cookware is mostly famous for its protective enamel surface that prevents rusting and corrosion. Besides, their versatile design of the cooking surface is compatible with any type of food, including meat dishes, vegetables, sauced foods, and many others.

However, this super feature has its drawback as it can easily get a thermal shock when exposed to drastically changing temperatures.

Thus, forget about washing a hot Le Creuset grill pan with the help of cold water. It is the shortest way to harm the protective enamel coating and make it prone to crack.

Anyway, such a grill pan has more benefits than a regular cast iron grill pan. As for the care tips, they also differ a lot. Hence, care tips for a Le Creuset Dutch oven are not the same as for the usual cast-iron pans. If you don’t want to make any destructive mistakes, find out more about Le Creuset products’ care tips.

Here are several cleaning methods for a Le Creuset grill pan.

#1. Saltwater method

This is a popular way to dispose of food mess on the Le Creuset grill pan.

Tip 1: While the grill pan is still warm, discard the leftover grease. If the pan is already cool but you forget about pouring the grease out of it, reheat the pan for a couple of minutes to melt it again.

As a variant, you can dispose of excess grease by using paper towels. A grill pan that is free of excess mess is much easier to clean.

Tip 2: Wait until your Le Creuset grill pan cools down. Don’t start washing a Le Creuset grill pan until it is fully cooled. Be extra careful not to wash hot grill pans with cold water.

Tip 3: Clean the surface with salt and water. You can prepare a saline solution or just sprinkle salt directly on the cooking surface and pour some water.

For making a solution, take a bowl of clean hot water.

Add some salt (about a handful) and mix it well to fully dissolve the salt crystals.

Another way is to sprinkle some kosher salt over the surface and add some water. However, be careful as the next step depends completely on which variant you choose.

Tip 4: Poor the solution in the grill pan. Then, take a grill pan brush and thoroughly scrub the mess from the surface. If the result is not satisfying, add some more saline solution and start the cleaning process again.

Use only soft grill brushes that can’t destroy the enamel covering.

For the sprinkle method, avoid scrubbing salt particles against the pan surface. Keep in mind that no abrasive materials are allowed to be used in these pans.

This way, heat the pan slowly and then gently scrub the surface to dispose of burnt spots and stains on it.

Tip 5: Pour the dirty water away and wash the pan well with plenty of clean water. Then, wipe the pan with a clean paper towel and let it air dry.

#2. Baking soda method

This method suits you best if you have a nonstick grill pan.

Tip 1: Dispose of excess grease and apply some baking soda to the pan.

Tip 2: Make a thick paste of baking soda and a little water. Then, thoroughly clean the surface with a soft sponge of a nylon brush.

Tip 3: Rinse the residue away and wash the pan thoroughly. Then, wipe the clean pan and leave it to dry.

#3. Dish soap method

Mild dish soap is good at removing the stuck-on food debris on your grill pan’s surface.

Tip 1: Add about half an inch of hot or warm water into your grill pan.

Tip 2: Add a few drops of mild detergent and gently scrub the remaining mess away.

Tip 3: Rinse the pan and wipe it thoroughly.

#4. Oil method

Oil cleaning is considered to be a basic method, so you can try it with no fear.

Tip 1: Add 3 tsp of olive oil to the pan.

Tip 2: Let the pan heat for two or three minutes.

Tip 3: Scrub the whole surface with a soft brush with a long handle so as not to get burnt.

Tip 4: After the pan is cleaned, wash it with the help of mild dish soap and dry it completely.

#5. Soaking method

A simple way of cleaning your Le Creuset pan is to soak it in hot water for a while. Hot temperatures will break up the messy build-up and make it easier to fall off the surface.

#6. Acidic method

An effective cleaning method for stained grill pans is to use an acidic cleanser.

Pour some vinegar or lemon juice into the pan and let it boil for a while until the stains disappear. Then, wash and dry it well.

Le Creuset grill pan care: dos and don’ts

For keeping Le Creuset cookware in tip-top condition, it is crucial to follow the easy tips below.


  • Use only mild dish soap that can’t damage the protective coating
  • Read the user instruction and check if your pan is dishwasher safe
  • For removing the tough stains, opt for a commercial cleaner such as Bar Keeper’s Friend
  • Expose the pan to extreme heat to carbonize the food residue and make it easier to remove
  • Despite your pan is dishwasher safe, hand-washing is always much safer for it
  • To make the grill pan as shiny as new, treat it with a cast iron cleaner regularly


  • Forget about knives and other sharp tools for scraping the food mess away
  • Never use a plastic brush or any abrasive cleaners that can destroy the surface
  • Unlike a common cast iron pan, you mustn’t scrub this pan too hard
  • Forget about washing the hot pan with cold water so as not to destroy its surface
Clean Le Creuset Grill Pan
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How do you clean a burnt Le Creuset grill pan?

Burnt food residue is quite easy to clean off the Le Creuset grill pan. For a cast iron pan with enamel protection, soaking is the best way to remove the burnt mess from its surface.

To weaken the burnt food build-up, put the item in warm soapy water for at least 20 minutes. If you aren’t in a rush, let the grill pan soak for an extra few hours.

Now, clean a pan with a sponge or a soft grill pan brush and then wash it thoroughly. Wipe a clean Le Creuset grill pan with a soft paper towel and leave it to air-dry.

How do you clean an enameled cast iron grill pan?

To take proper care of an enameled cast iron grill pan, never use any abrasive cleaners or tools. Instead, mix some water and baking soda into a thick paste and clean the surface with a soft sponge.

Do I need to season my Le Creuset grill pan?

While regular cast-iron pans need extra protection, Le Creuset grill pans don’t need any seasoning as each pan is covered with a black satin enamel coating.

This textured coating looks like cast iron, but in fact, it is much higher in quality and easier to clean. The black satin enamel is created not only for grilling but also for many other ways of cooking.

However, a good idea is to rub your Le Creuset grill pan with a little oil before the first cooking session. You can repeat it after each cooking session, but this step is optional. It can be enough just to rub the oil into the surface, or you may heat the pan for a couple of minutes.

How do you clean a grill iron pan?

Grill iron pans don’t mind having a good scrubbing session. Apply some dish soap with a little hot water and start scrubbing the mess away. Since grill iron pans don’t have any fragile coating, you can use steel wool, a sponge, or a piece of soft cloth to scrub the mess out of the surface.

After that, wash the pan well with plenty of warm water.

Final thoughts

You can easily clean Le Creuset grill pan with the help of the methods offered above. We hope this cleaning guide is helpful.

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