Is Quantanium Coated Cookware Safe?

Is Quantanium Coated Cookware safe? Yes, Quantanium-coated cookware is safe to use. The cookware is made of cast iron and coated with non-stick Quantanium material.

Quantanium is a material that has a PTFE (Teflon) non-stick coating. But after research, it’s been confirmed that PTFE isn’t toxic and safe for humans. It is an internally reinforced, waterborne multicoat. It has no PFOA, lead, and cadmiumm.

QuanTanium® is a nonstick coating system with a titanium alloy in each layer. The alloy layers give it superior scratch resistance, durability, and stability.

Quantanium cookware is very safe to use because it has no harmful ingredients and does not transfer heat to food.

Quantanium cookware was FDA-approved. Also, this cookware is very healthy since it does not contain any dangerous chemicals that can leach into food.

Quantanium cookware is safe for all cooktops, including induction. The handles are safe to hold and stay cool all the time.

What is a Quantanium coating?

Quantanium coating is an internally reinforced multi-coat nonstick coating system that makes cookware stronger, more durable, and more resistant to corrosion.

This coat of paint was specially created to ensure that it stands the test of time, and its durable structure will make it last through severe weather conditions.

What is Quantanium Cookware?

Is Quantanium Cookware Safe

Quantanium cookware is an innovative, high-tech, and well-engineered product. By combining the power of quantum physics with the science of ceramics, Quantanium can deliver the most precise heat transfer in the industry.

This allows you to prepare food at the perfect temperature every single time. Quantanium cookware is a brand new generation where you can cook food faster, easier, and tastier. You can achieve full control of your cooking and have the possibility to cook food evenly, a task that many cookware are not able to achieve.

The History of Quantanium Cookware

Is Quantanium Cookware Safe

Quantanium cookware is the most technologically advanced cookware. It is the first cookware that uses nano-materials. The revolutionary “Quantanium” cookware has existed since 1999, and the company has been in the cookware business since 1972.

Quantum is a brand of cookware manufactured by the company, Quantanium, Inc. The products of this company are available at all leading retailers in the USA and Canada, including Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Sears, and K-Mart.

Is Quantanium Coated Cookware Safe?

Is Quantanium Cookware Safe

Yes, Quantanium cookware is safe for use if you follow some instructions. See the safe and unsafe aspects below:

Safe Aspects

  1. Compatible with all cooktops, including induction.
  2. The oven is safe up to 350°F (176°C).
  3. Dishwasher safe. However, hand washing is recommended.
  4. PFOA-free non-stick Quantanium material coating.
  5. Cast iron made.
  6. Safe and stay cool handle.
  7. The lids are made of glass with a steam vent hole.

Unsafe Aspects

  1. Cooking with high heat is not safe.
  2. A metal utensil is not safe.


  1. As I mentioned before that, Quantanium cookware has a PTFE coating. So, never cook in high heat. Otherwise, the PTFE coating Melts on your food.

Is Quantanium safe for birds?

Is Quantanium Cookware Safe

No, Quantanium is not safe for your pet birds. Any cookware with a PTFE (Teflon) isn’t safe for parrots or other birds. Because this chemical is responsible for Teflon poisoning in birds. So, I do not recommend quantanium being used as a bird pan.

Does Quantanium have Teflon?

Is Quantanium Cookware Safe

Yes Quantanium has Teflon. It is called PTFE. This is one kind of chemical that uses in some non-stick cookware to make them non-stick. Some Quantanium cookware is coated with Teflon.

Quantanium uses a special technology of coating material that does not chip or scratch and does not contain lead or PFOA. Quantanium cookware has a special non-stick coating that will last even with the heaviest cooking demands.

The Quantanium coating is a non-stick coating called ‘Spheron’ manufactured in Germany. Spheron is a nano-ceramic multi-layer coating.

It has the same non-stick and stain-resistant qualities as Teflon but does not contain PFOA or lead. It does not chip or scratch, making Quantanium safer to cook with than Teflon-coated cookware.

Is Quantanium cookware PFOA free?

Is Quantanium Cookware Safe

Yes, Quantanium cookwares are PFOA-free and are manufactured according to FDA standards. Quantanium cookwares are scratch-proof, strong, and durable.

Quantanium is so easy to maintain. This is great for all kinds of cooking. This cookware is made in the USA. Quantanium has won several awards.

QuanTanium nonstick coating and how it works


Quantanium cookware is safe to use without any doubt. But remember that It has a PTFE coating, and you should not use it on high heat. Don’t heat the empty pan. Do not heat over 500 degrees F. If you follow the instructions, this cookware is safe. Or, if you want to buy PTFE-free cookware, go with NutriChef 14-Piece Nonstick Cookware.

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