The Best Madeleine Pan: Top 7

I am sure that you have not just opened this article now – you intend to cook the most delicious French-origin delicacies in your life. To do this, you need the best Madeleine pan to become your reliable assistant in this and meet your expectations.

When we think about buying kitchen utensils, we involuntarily think about famous brands, such as Sur La Table, etc.

Below in our top, we conducted the most objective research and relied not only on the popularity of the manufacturer but also on real customer reviews.

Each of the models selected by our editorials has its own characteristics and technical features. In our opinion, CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan particular model will never leave you indifferent in the preparation of ideal madeleines.

Top-7 Madeleine pans

  1. CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan
  2. 2 Pack Madeleine Pan with Silicone Brush
  3. Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Madeleine Pan
  4. Bellemain Madeleine Pan
  5. Webake Non-stick Madeleine Pan
  6. Silikomart Silicone Classic Collection 9 Count Madeleine Pan
  7. Master Class KCMCHB66 Madeleine Tray with PFOA Free Non-Stick

CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake PanMaterial: Steel
Color: Champagne Gold
Shape: Rectangular
Special Feature: Freezer safe, oven-safe
2 Pack Madeleine Pan with Silicone BrushMaterial: Carbon Steel, Silicone
Color: Black
Shape: Rectangular
Special Feature: Oven-safe, dishwasher safe
Chicago Metallic Madeleine PanMaterial: Carbon Steel
Color: Gray
Shape: Rectangular
Special Feature: Oven-safe, dishwasher safe
Bellemain Madeleine PanMaterial: Carbon Steel
Color: Black
Shape: Round
Special Feature: Food-safe, dishwasher safe
Webake Madeleine PanMaterial: Carbon Steel
Shape: Spherical
Color: Gold
Special Feature: Microwave Safe, nonstick
Silikomart Silicone Classic Collection 9 Count Madeleine Pan Material: Silicone
Color: Terracotta
Shape: Rectangular
Special Feature: can be used in a dishwasher
Master Class KCMCHB66 Madeleine Tray with PFOA Free Non-StickMaterial: Silicone
Color: Terracotta
Shape: Rectangular
Special Feature: dishwasher safe

CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan

It was not by chance that we assigned the first place to this pan.

best madeleine pan

Agree, a fairly common problem of novice cooks is the sticking of cookies to the mold or their burning. Now you can forget about it!

All thanks to a reliable non-stick coating.

High-quality steel guarantees not only lightness but also durability for which you will be grateful to this Madeleine pan for many years. To our point of view, it’s a perfect madeleine pan.


  • You can use 12 cookie molds;
  • The non-stickiness will reduce your worries and will protect your nervous system from possible difficulties while cooking;
  • Durability and lightness thanks to high-quality steel;
  • A huge number of satisfied customers all around the world.


  • This Madeleine pan is in a fairly expensive price segment.

2 Pack Madeleine Pan with Silicone Brush

This pan is perfect for developing your baking skills.

The Best Madeleine Pan

Easy to use and practically weightless. And thanks to the high-quality material, you should not even think about durability issues in use.

The model will bring you only joy while your madeleine baking!


  • There are 12 silicone molds at your disposal;
  • Heavy-duty material of high quality;
  • Thanks to the non-stick coating, your French desserts will never burn;
  • Made of lightweight material, absolutely safe for food.


  • Haven’t been noticed yet.

Chicago Metallic Madeleine Pan

A wonderful choice for the price. However, a low price does not guarantee poor quality at all: it is made of stick Steel material. Therefore, you can not worry about the quality of the purchase – your choice will be reliable.

The Best Madeleine Pan

Its versatility is manifested in the fact that this Madeleine tray can be used in absolutely any oven or microwave oven. It’s a good Madeleine pan indeed!


  • Allows you to bake 12 madeleines of traditional shape at a time;
  • Heavy-weight steel for superior heat conduction and even baking;
  • Durable steel inspires confidence when used. You will never regret choosing this particular model when your frying pan will be like new after a long time of active use.
  • Steel pans can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • This Madeleine pan has electrical plugs that can be used mostly in the USA. You may need an adapter or converter.

Bellemain Madeleine Pan

A great opportunity to bake perfectly smooth and delicious 12 madeleines is already in your pocket if this frying pan becomes yours. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the Bellemain company took care of your culinary result: the set includes two baking pans for one price!

The Best Madeleine Pan

Its high-quality durable steel construction will guarantee a long and successful use in your kitchen.

Both a novice and a professional cook will be able to find a use for these two pans.

And because they can be taken for space-saving storage after use, they will not cause you any inconvenience.


  • Heavy-duty carbon steel body;
  • 12 shell-shaped molds;
  • 100% food-safe non-stick coating for easy release and clean-up;
  • Can be used in a dishwasher.


  • Haven’t been noticed yet.

Webake Madeleine Pan

You don’t have to worry about a problem like stuck madeleine cookies with this pan!

Buyers of this metal pan are amazed by its non-stick coating – the cookies turn out unbroken and perfectly baked every time. The secret lies in the coating with a silicone-based material. It is safe for your health.

The Best Madeleine Pan

The shape of the pan also matters when choosing a pan for baking madeleines. The rectangular shape is great for baking this kind of dessert.

This pan makes every customer happy. What a perfect pan!


  • A large number of positive reviews from customers;
  • Can be used in microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher;
  • Durable material.


  • Only 6 baking molds;
  • The heaviest model of all these.

Silikomart Silicone Classic Collection 9 Count Madeleine Pan

Thanks to this madeleine pan, the cookies will be baked evenly from all sides and have a beautiful color, because it is made of silicone, which heats up quickly and keeps the temperature.

The Best Madeleine Pan

Madeleine is not only a favorite delicacy of most people, but also a real art.

But baking them can be a real challenge if you don’t choose the right pan.

Therefore, by choosing this pan made of commercial-grade aluminized steel, you will be able to please yourself and your loved ones with delicious cookies.


  • Reliable aluminum coating;
  • Non-stick exterior for easy food release.


  • A set has only 9 molds;
  • Silicone is less reliable than durable and high-quality aluminum.

Master Class KCMCHB66 Madeleine Tray with PFOA Free Non-Stick

This madeleine baking tray is made of warp-resistant, 1 mm-thick steel, with rolled edges to prevent water build-up and rust. It’s an amazing nonstick madeleine pan.

The Best Madeleine Pan

There will always be an incredibly delicious treat in the form of French desserts on your table. You can be sure – culinary success is guaranteed for you!


  • Can help you create 12 defined, evenly browned madeleines;
  • 2 layers of Quantum II nonstick coating;
  • 1 mm thick steel.


  • Haven’t been noticed yet.

Best madeleine pans: what are they?

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice cook or an experienced specialist, when it comes to buying a madeleine baking pan, you may be puzzled by the huge selection of models.

“What should I focus on when choosing madeleine pans? Does a high price always mean good quality? Will I regret my purchase when my desserts fail time after time?” If you are attacked by such questions, you read the necessary section about the best Madeleine pans.

We have prepared for you a list of characteristics that you should focus on when choosing a kitchen assistant.


The fundamental factor in choosing a Madeleine pan is the material from which it is made. The degree of baking of your madeleines and their uniformity will depend on what kind of material your Madeleine cake pan will have.

Metal pans can be different. Let’s start with aluminum pans. A huge advantage of this material is its lightness. Such a kitchen tool will never become a burden and will be convenient to use.

Steel Madeleine pans are a little lower in priority, since the heat in the oven may not be distributed evenly to the end. However, their durability can be envied.

But the most optimal materials for such Madeleine pans are aluminized steel or durable carbon steel. It was on them that we focused when compiling our top.

The Best Madeleine Pan

Nonstick Coating

You will protect your nerves and the result if you choose a non-stick Madeleine pan. It should also be safe for health and scratch-resistant.

Non-stick protection prevents the burning and sticking of desserts during cooking and guarantees you the best madeleine-cooking experience.

Cooking in such Madeleine pans does not require a large amount of oil and other fat, which has a very positive effect on health.

Also, it facilitates washing after cooking. Hand washing is the best way. The high temperature of the dishwasher can easily damage the coating.

The Best Madeleine Pan


It is worth noting that the form also plays an important role. It may come as a surprise to many, but round Madeleine pans are best suited for cupcakes, and just the same madeleines are better baked in rectangular pans.

Classic and traditional tasty madeleines have the shape of shells. Usually, there are 12 molds placed in one pan. This is the optimal portion for two, which is suitable both for a treat at a meeting with a friend or on a romantic date, and for breakfast or lunch every day.

How to wash it after use?

To get an excellent result in the form of incredibly delicious madeleines melting in your mouth, it is worth discussing another point such as the features of operation and subsequent maintenance of the Madeleine pans. You are interested in making it last you much longer, aren’t you?

Do not forget to remove all packaging attributes and wash the new purchase well under warm running water. The taste of dessert is important, but hygiene and safety are above all!

If you decide to use detergents, choose suitable, special ones that will not damage such a valuable non-stick coating. Wash it under warm soapy water. In any case, do not use hard sponges, and do not try to clean your mini muffin pan from baking residues with a knife or fork. This will destroy the coating structure.

If rust or discoloration is detected, it is worth looking for a good cleaning agent that will solve your problem. There are various that are aimed specifically at these problems.

Washed pans can be stored on the wire rack.

Avoid the baking pan overheating moments.

The Best Madeleine Pan


How do I choose a Madeleine pan?

While choosing the best Madeleine pan, you should focus on the following characteristics when choosing: material, non-stick coating, shape, and brand. 

Do not immediately focus on the price without taking into account these characteristics. However, if you are just a beginner baker, not very expensive models will suit you for the first time to gain experience. Everything will depend on the brand that you choose.

For professionals in their field who want to get closer to the level of fine French cuisine, we recommend CHEFMADE Madeleine Mold Cake Pan.

Why do my madeleines stick to the pan?

One of the reasons is not enough flour, which leads to the fact that the dough turns out to be too liquid and cannot acquire the necessary rigidity. In addition, the cause of stickiness may be the pouring of the dough with a very large amount of sugar, which cannot dissolve in the dough and leads to its liquid.

A small amount of fat in the dough can also play a huge role. So don’t forget to oil the Madeleine tray a little before use!

What makes madeleines so good?

Everyone would like their planned dish to turn out to be the most delicious! How to avoid failures and get find a proper madeleine recipe?

Perfect madeleines should be baked until golden brown, but not over-dried, before sending it to the oven, the cookie dough is smeared with egg mixture for easy release. It is often recommended to start with 10-12 minutes and monitor the color.

Why are madeleines shaped like shells?

It’s all about the French writer Marcel Proust and his famous epic “In Search of Lost Time”.

Also, this dessert has its roots in Poland. Once the Polish king Stanislav Leszczynski had a disaster — the cook suddenly fell ill, and the guests at the ball risked being left without sweets. Leshchinsky was rescued by his maid named Madeleine Polmier. She remembered the shell cookie recipe her grandmother used to bake and quickly made it. All the guests were delighted with the perfect madeleines!

In conclusion

Probably there is not a single Frenchman who does not know about this little biscuit cookie.

This is one of the most popular pastries in France. Now you have become closer to the secrets of the perfect French madeleines.

We have offered you 7 excellent pans for consideration. And we wish you excellent results and culinary success!

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